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Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in Diet Foods, Fish Recipes, Recipes, Weight Loss Foods | 0 comments

Foods to Increase Weight Loss

Foods to Increase Weight Loss

Ready to lose a few pounds by eating foods that increase weight loss!? There are five foods that can help. And the best part is that you won’t feel like you’re “eating light” with this group of weight-loss-boosting noshes. In fact, it’ll still feel like the holidays! These foods are also recommended and are perfect for the detox diet.

Salmon: Seems the omega-3 fatty acids in this fish may turbo charge your body’s fat-burning engines – especially when coupled with exercise, one study found.

Salmon is low in calories and saturated fat, and has long been known for it numerous health benefits. Salmon does the body well because it is an excellent source of protein, nutrients and essential to a healthy diet and weight loss plan.

Omega-3, one of the most well-known benefits that salmon has, which is a unique type of health promoting fat that provides enormous benefits to our health. Salmon also has other important benefits such as; proteins and amino acids.

Proteins or amino acids are essential components of our cells, tissues, enzymes, hormones and every other body part. The proteins from salmon (and most other fishes) are easy digestible and easily absorbed into the body. They do neither have any adverse side effects nor contain carcinogenic compounds, like other meats do. Salmon is also source of good fat (omega-3 fatty acids) which also plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. Salmon is also rich in some of the very essential minerals  like iron, calcium, selenium and phosphorus and vitamins like A, B and D. Selenium, which is very necessary for building up of tissues, hair, nails etc., is best obtained from animal proteins and among which, salmon is one of the best.

Try this great low calorie healthy Salmon with black bean recipe get recipe.

Eggs: They’re back on the healthy-foods list. In one study, dieters who ate eggs for breakfast were able to stave off hunger longer than the folks who loaded up on carbs at breakfast.

Peanuts: May seem counterintuitive — after all, they are high in fat and calories — but a small daily serving of peanuts may discourage weight gain, research suggests. Possibly because the healthy fats in peanuts are easier to burn off than the unhealthy fats from other fatty treats, like cheesecake and chips. Just make sure you substitute the nuts for another high-calorie food.

Apples: Munch on an apple before every meal and you’ll be less likely to clean your dinner plate, research shows. Apples are fiber-filled yet low in calories, which means you fill up on less.

Fava beans: Why fava beans? Because these creamy beans are loaded with flavonoids and a 14-year study in women showed that high flavonoid intake may help ward off belly fat.

Fava beans are a healthy choice. Fava beans are especially high in fiber (85% of the RDV), and also high in iron (30% of a day’s requirement), and very low in sodium. Additionally, they contain no cholesterol and are low in fat.

Fava beans are also noted to contain L-dopa, which is used as a drug for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, as with most whole grains, consumption of favabeans can help reduce risks associated with heart disease.

Try this great fave beans recipe “low calorie Pasta with Fresh Fava Bean Sauce”- get recipe directions


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